Microsoft Data Center

Project Overview

As tech giants and start-ups around the globe continue to establish and grow cloud-based storage capabilities, brick & mortar data centers are needed to process and manage all aspects of public and private data within the “cloud”.  Betting on continued growth of the cloud-based services, in 2015 Microsoft announced plans to expand it’s Cheyenne data center presence with another $274 million investment.  As unique weather patterns frequently roll across this expansive landscape, Pie was tasked with mitigating weather-related risks associated with the new data center’s building envelopes.   Pie provided a number of performance testing and quality assurance related services to verify proper function of the buildings’ enclosures including ASTM E907 Field Testing Uplift Resistance of Adhered Membrane Roofing Systems to ensure the buildings’ installed roofing membrane could withstand the wind loads of the Wyoming plains. Due to the large-scale size of the data center structures and square footage of their roofs, Microsoft Data Center also provided Pie with the opportunity to think outside-the-box and perform an infrared imaging survey of the roofing membrane from an airplane.  Following ASTM C1153-90 Standard Practice for the Location of Wet Insulation on Roofing Systems Using Infrared Imaging, Pie was able to locate wet areas within the roofing substrate where damaging water had penetrated the new roofing membrane.

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Performance Testing & Monitoring

Infrared (IR) Thermography

Cheyenne, Wyoming