Poudre School District

Project Overview

Following the implementation of new building energy requirements in Larimer County, Pie provided a building condition assessment of nine existing school buildings to evaluate and assist in the building enclosure retrofit-commissioning efforts.  Pie’s assessments consisted of evaluating the existing air, thermal, vapor, and water management systems to assess deficiencies and provide improvement recommendations.  Included in Pie’s assessment was whole building air barrier performance testing and infrared diagnostics of the school buildings. Pie supplemented this testing with a summary report including rough order of magnitude pricing for recommended air barrier improvements.

“Pie is one of the most professional consultants we’ve ever worked with. Great communication and flexibility with a very tight schedule, and comprehensive envelope testing and reporting that will serve our school district for years to come.”

— Stu Reeve – Poudre School District, Fort Collins, CO


Performance Testing & Monitoring

Whole Building ABT

Ft. Collins, CO