Santana Row Best Buy

Project Overview

The project consisted of one 2-story single use retail building occupied by Best Buy. Pie’s services included analysis of construction documents specific to the vertical EIFS wall assembly, TPO roof assembly and mechanical systems. The client’s building staff reported water infiltration concentrated at drain locations throughout the building during climatic events over the lifecycle of the existing roof assembly. Discoloration and paint bubbling associated with historical water leakage were noted by Pie staff at the drain assemblies from the interior of the building.

Pie was subsequently retained by Federal Realty Investment Trust to investigate this presence of water within the roof. Pie conducted infrared (IR) thermography of the roof, which indicated the extent of saturated roofing insulation.  Subsequent cores of the roof assembly confirmed the presence of high levels of moisture content and liquid water in the insulation.

Pie’s repair services for the project consisted of a pre-design assessment with on-site observations with a written report of findings, conclusions, and repair recommendations. Pie also provide a design drawings and specifications and supplemental quality assurance during reroof construction.

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