Pie Partners with Common Hope to Fight Poverty in Antigua, Guatemala

A six-person team from Pie Consulting & Engineering recently returned from Guatemala, where the company donated time, financial support, and technical expertise to help build a home for a family in need. The project is the first for Pie of what is expected to be multiple collaborations with Common Hope, an organization committed to ending the cycle of poverty for children in Guatemala through an education-centered, holistic approach to human development.

Pie’s primary focus with this collaboration was to improve the living conditions for a family in the Common Hope program through a home build. According to Common Hope, 67 percent of families in Guatemala live in homes without roofs and sufficient living space. Often, having cornstalk walls and dirt floors, the structures are unsafe and unsanitary.


Katie Dickerson helping out with the children in the daycare facility in Antigua, Guatemala.


The Pie team and home build family after the blessing ceremony.


Mitch Rosendahl, Clinton Standish, Katie Dickerson, and Tyler Schwein installing wall panels at the home site.


During free time in Antigua, the Pie team experienced the parades leading up to Holy Week.


Mitch Rosendahl, Tyler Schwein, Ryan Krug, and Clinton Standish after an afternoon of fabricating wall panels.


Ryan Krug and Cole Gillmore helping out in the developmentally and socially challenged afterschool program.

Daily construction sessions for the Pie team involved building modular wall panels at the Common Hope facility, transporting them to the project site, and bolting them together securely on top of a concrete slab hand-mixed by the Pie team. The roof system was then installed and windows were added to the modular panels.

In addition to their construction efforts, Pie team members engaged in all aspects of Common Hope’s program, including an after-school program to support developmentally and socially challenged kids, home visits with social workers, assisting in their daycare program, and completion of a library and building maintenance project. Throughout the process, the team was encouraged to see first-hand and interact with the children, families, and staff who are involved in the Common Hope program. The students and families met by the Pie team report a positive impact in their lives provided by the affiliation with Common Hope, and the community in general appreciates the program as a supplement to a government educational system that is lacking.

“The experience was fulfilling on many levels,” said Ryan Krug, Project Manager at Pie. “Beyond the home build and the impact that makes on a family, we were encouraged to learn about the culture, social dynamics, and how much of an impact basic educational, social, and medical/dental services have in the lives of Common Hope families. It gave me a renewed appreciation for the quality of life I have in the United States and, as a parent, I was able to empathize with the families and the universality of wanting a better future for your child.”

Pie’s work on this project in Guatemala reflects its core values of Ownership, Community, Integrity, Respect, and Optimism. Based on the success of this initiative, the company plans to coordinate similar projects annually.

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