Tackling Challenges of Talent Acquisition in 2020

Tackling Challenges of Talent Acquisition In 2020

Talent Acquisition (TA) teams are facing some of their biggest challenges in 2020 searching and sourcing top talent for their organizations.  However, for every challenge, there are creative solutions that can assist organizations in overcoming these obstacles and identifying, attracting, and hiring top talent for their open positions.

Challenge: COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak hit the pause button on hiring plans for many employers, but there are still mission critical positions to fill and the need to hire new employees.  As COVID-19 cases continue to fluctuate, there is no clarity on when it will be over and navigating a new normal to maintain forward progression is the focus.


While not a perfect solution, conducting remote video interviews has become the new norm and essential to identifying top talent to fill open roles.  The downside is that the personal connection and body language does not translate well over a screen and is lost when interviews cannot be held in-person. Demonstrating active listening by looking into the camera to replicate eye contact, acknowledging their responses with head nods, and allowing a few seconds before responding to allow for potential lag time can help engage and begin building that relational connection. For now, by moving the interviewing process online, the recruitment process can continue in a safe and effective manner.

Challenge: Sourcing Qualified Candidates

Finding qualified candidates with the skills, experience and qualifications needed for open positions is one of the toughest challenges in recruiting.


Implementing an Employee Referral Program is extremely effective as employees not only know what skills are needed to be successful in an open position, they also know who will align well with the culture and values of the organization.  Creating a multichannel recruitment strategy will extend your organizations reach across all possible channels and places. This will allow your TA team to source active and passive candidates with the skills, experience and qualifications on local and global job boards, a variety of social networks, company career portal, career events, and newsletters or forums to name a few.

Challenge: Building a Strong Employer Brand

There is a lot of noise in the market which makes it difficult to grab the attention of today’s top talent. Active and passive job seekers typically follow organizations on their social media platforms that operate in their industry to stay current in market trends. Today’s job seekers are in search of something they can be a part of and make a difference in the things that excite them in their trade while maintaining work-life balance.


Through defining and implementing an attractive and responsive company website, it will showcase your culture and create excitement and interest for potential candidates to join the team.  Posting employee and client testimonials, highlighting interesting projects, videos about company culture, recapping charitable outreach and company team building events across your multichannel platforms will provide examples to potential passive and active candidates why your company is a great place to work.

Challenge: Providing a Smooth and Positive Candidate Experience

Top talent is in high demand and often fielding multiple offers at once.  Providing a clear, concise, and streamlined candidate experience can be the determining factor in an offer acceptance.


Ensuring a positive candidate experience is essential when candidates are evaluating job offers.  Continuous communication between the TA team and candidate throughout the recruitment process will go a long way in showing that they are appreciated and what they bring to the organization is valued.  Providing personalized communications along with detailed and accurate job descriptions will deliver an aligned and invested organization that will keep potential candidate engaged until the right opportunity presents itself.


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