Tackling Challenges of Talent Retention in 2021

How to Overcome Industry Challenges in Talent Retention

At LB Pie, we thoughtfully invest in talent retention and implement various programs to support the growth of our staff. Darcy LaBeau, Director of Talent Acquisition, was recently asked about industry challenges in talent retention and what LB Pie does to overcome these obstacles. 

Please view her response below:

“Obstacles to talent retention may include limited opportunities to grow professionally, the want to solely work from home, the mirage that the ‘grass is greener’ elsewhere, and more compensation offered with another company/in a different position.

When it comes to evaluating long-term success of a future candidate, cultural alignment may be the most important attribute we can assess. Studies show that employees who share important qualities with their organization, coworkers, and management, experience greater job satisfaction, perform at a higher level, and stay with their company longer. At LB Pie, hiring for cultural alignment is essential to perpetuating an environment where team members can thrive, feel valued, and appreciated.

Assessing for cultural alignment is exploring the values and principles of a potential candidate and how they align and contribute to the core values, attitudes, and behaviors that make up our company and/or their ability to adapt to them. We have a structured process and pre-vetted questions that help us ensure the interview team is able to objectively assess cultural alignment and find the candidates who truly represent our core values, attitudes, and behaviors.”

Other benefits we provide to mindfully focus on talent retention are included in our Employee Benefits Program:

  • As a subsidiary of Lerch Bates, Inc., LB Pie is a 100% Employee-owned company
  • Above-average industry compensation
  • Comprehensive benefits include Medical & Dental Coverage, Short-term & Long-term disability, and Life Insurance and AD&D Insurance at no additional cost
  • LB Pie matches up to 6% of your 401K plan contributions
  • Immediate eligibility to be reimbursed up to $5,280 per rolling year for qualifying tuition expenses
  • Regular, full-time employees may take up to 4 hours per month as paid time off to serve as a volunteer
  • Paid Time Off
  • Various fringe benefits
  • Annual participation at Habitat for Humanity
  • Coaching & Mentoring Program

If you are considering a new career, we encourage you to view our open positions found here.


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