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Careers at Pie

Employee Centric. Employee Owned.

At Pie, we mean it when we say our staff is our top priority. The opportunities and growth you will experience as a Pie employee are extensive because we share our success, financially and otherwise, with all. And, as a subsidiary Lerch Bates, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of being an employee-owner with the expanded resources to elevate your career. This collective effort is cultivated by a robust talent recruitment and onboarding program to attract and grow the cream of the crop; by highly developed career path models, mentoring and training to open opportunities for advancement; and by consistent and comprehensive support for both personal and professional achievements.

We aren’t just looking for people with strong technical skills and industry knowledge. Pie team members also have highly developed interpersonal chops and a shared commitment to excellence.

At Pie, we continually focus on serving our clients at the highest level by being extremely responsive, accurate and thorough. Our client-centric business model empowers our staff to form dynamic industry relationships and empowers us to care for clients as people rather than an assignment. We actively listen to our clients in providing solutions that best meet project needs and collaborate with them and their project teams to ensure success.

We also strive for balance, and when it’s time to wind down, many of our employees do so together. From company-sponsored family outings to support a local sports team or working on a Habitat for Humanity build to golf outings and workout sessions, Pie team members genuinely enjoy each other’s company and sharing in personal accomplishments.

If you’re looking to make a difference and enjoy some adventure, come Enjoy the Ride with us!

Coaching & Mentoring

“Isn’t it great to come to work knowing you’re going to find a nice bunch, enjoy your time and accomplish your tasks? Well, that’s how I feel at Pie, proud to be part of this amazing group. I’ve joined the team not so long ago, but was instantly exhilarated and honored to work on amazing projects such as the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Viking’s US Bank Stadium. It may be challenging sometimes, keeping up with all the complex tasks involved in building science consulting, but it is rewarding and motivating the accomplishments we achieve as a team. Pie offers a great potential for career development and training. We keep a high standard, focused in respect and integrity, which are paramount to our success. But most importantly, our relationships with our clients and between ourselves make me feel part of a big family. And family fun is part of our day-to-day, “enjoying the ride”!”

— Ivan Duarte, Sr. Building Science Specialist

Testimonial - Ivan - Pie Consulting & Engineering