The Many Slices of Construction Consulting

The Many Slices of Construction ConsultingBy simple definition, construction consulting is the process of preparing and reviewing construction estimates, whether for new construction or the repair of existing buildings and sites. However, the benefits of this service have far-reaching impacts in helping clients make sound preparations for their upcoming projects. Construction consulting can also ensure that contractors complete projects on time and budget. Beyond the typical practice, the range of services provided by a construction consultant may include budgeting and scheduling, contractor bid selection, construction contracts administration, and even conflict resolution between contractors and project owners.

“There is a great opportunity to apply construction consulting services across multiple disciplines and service types within both the claims and non-claims industry.”, said Neil Mekelburg, P.E., Senior Construction Consultant at Pie. “Pie is in a unique position to draw on our vast building envelope, structural and civil engineering and architectural experience to properly assess and assist a client to meet their immediate and long-term needs.”

In some cases, property damage can be significant requiring the services of an experienced construction consultant to determine the full extent of the claim. Making sure you have the right cost management support for your claim can boost your chance of success in receiving the funds needed to remediate any damages and to get back on track for successful completion of the building project.

Typically, the insurance company handling a builder’s risk policy will send an adjuster to look at the worksite and to create an independent assessment of the claim value. The services offered by an experienced construction consultant can provide the most accurate assessment of damage caused to a construction site and structure, thus ensuring fair compensation for the damages caused to the worksite by storms and other events.

Pie’s services begin with a thorough evaluation of loss-based evidence. From this information, our experts provide fair and accurate estimates of the claim value and an assessment of appropriate compensation. This information helps the client to manage issues more effectively and provides greater peace of mind throughout the claims process. Additional construction consulting services include bid review and pay application assistance, ROM pricing, schedule and cost review, and asset management programs.

Historically, a vast majority of construction consulting services are provided to the insurance industry for appraisals and a combination of small and large loss claims. However, the expertise associated with this practice is expandable to clients beyond insurance adjusters including property owners, developers, and architects. Construction consulting also benefits general contractors focused on mitigating risks and ensuring that their company is protected against large loss events.

In short, the value of construction consulting cannot be overstated as the nature of claims services demands accurate, reliable and prompt attention. Pie’s proven ability to effectively address these needs, during a period of distress for the insureds, allows people and businesses to return quickly to the normalcy of their everyday lives.

Brad Smith
Neil Mekelburg, P.E.

About the Authors

Brad Smith

Brad Smith has worked over 5 years in insurance claim adjusting, and is well versed in large loss evaluations, litigation and subrogation. He also has a strong background in commercial and residential roofing, quality control, cost estimating, and construction management, where he has a proven track record of delivering quality control to new and renovation commercial construction projects. Brad currently lends his expertise as a Construction Consultant where he provides expertise in roof and building envelope damage evaluations, litigation consulting,, and cost estimating to Pie’s clients. In his spare time, Brad enjoys volunteering, and spending time with his wife and four boys at their cabin in northern Minnesota.

Neil Mekelburg

Neil Mekelburg has acquired 28 years of structural engineering experience in the areas of design and structural analysis. Specializing in Damage Cost Engineering, he develops detailed reconstruction estimates utilizing industry recognized formats. Neil has direct experience with site and building engineering design, yielding a thorough understanding of all necessary erecting components, industry standards and code compliances. The expertise gained from his engineering background provides an added perspective to every reconstruction process as well. He provides evaluations and structural assessments of both new and existing residential, retail, commercial and industrial facilities. He is also skilled in evaluating construction defects, determining solutions to construction deficiencies, and providing expert supervision during the construction process. Neil’s knowledge, expertise and consummate professionalism in the construction and restoration industries have earned him the reputation of a certified authority.