Electronic Leak Detection Testing

Pie Consulting & Engineering employs Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) technology as a reliable, noninvasive method for detecting water leakage in roofing and waterproofing applications during the BECx process, and is frequently specified for quality assurance integrity testing of new waterproofing systems.

Advantages of Electronic Leak Detection for testing water leaks:

  • Early leak detection prior to overburden placement
  • Reduction in waste and cost of using large volumes of water required by traditional flood testing
  • Identifies water entry point versus exit location
  • Test efficiencies with less time and cost to complete
  • Increased accuracy in identifying defective areas
  • Ability to re-test repairs immediately

Industry studies show that over half of newly completed buildings have water leakage and intrusion problems of the building envelope. Like most building components, roofing and waterproofing membranes and systems can be compromised by inadequate design, poor workmanship, or damage after installation.

Traditional leak testing methods include flood testing, infrared thermography, nuclear testing and electronic impedance testing. Invasive flood testing is not recommended for use on conventional roof assemblies due to the potential for water damage to the insulation or structure. Nondestructive testing methods are effective in detecting moisture content in insulation; however, none of these methods identify the source of the leak.

Specifically, roof integrity can be compromised by:

  • Punctures from fasteners or materials dropped on the membrane
  • Construction traffic damage
  • Membrane welding burns and incomplete lap welds
  • Slits or tears caused by dragging equipment across the roof
  • Pinholes in the membrane from deck moisture

Electronic Leak Detection provides the ability to implement exacting quality assurance testing methods to provide owners with longer lasting, leak-free waterproofing applications. In addition, ELD can be used in locating existing leaks on conventional and protected membrane roof assemblies.

“Pie has been a trusted partner for many years and we look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with such a professional and high-class organization into the future.”

— Nick Williams, Absolute Caulking and Waterproofing, Inc.