Waterproofing Consulting

Controlling the movement of water across the building envelope is a critical function of waterproofing. Considering that waterproofing materials are often permanently covered with overburden (soil, concrete, pavers, vegetation, etc.), ensuring it is properly designed and constructed “the first time” could be considered mission critical in a sense. Time and costs for waterproofing overburden removal in the event of a failure could be orders of magnitude higher than original installation costs.

The term “waterproofing” covers a wide array of materials and applications that can be pre or post applied (before or after the substrate material).

Pie’s waterproofing consulting services include:

Pie’s highly-qualified and experienced team of waterproofing experts work closely with owners, developers, contractors, and design professional to advise on waterproofing systems and solutions that meet—or exceed—expectations for performance, cost and maintenance. Pie also specializes in high water table and reverse bathtub conditions.


  • Hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt
  • Cold fluid-applied elastomeric membrane
  • Integrally bonded membrane
  • Adhered membrane
  • Post-applied grout injected membrane


  • Below grade foundation wall / underslab
  • Plaza deck / inverted roof
  • Garden roof / planters
  • Tunnels / bridges

RCI and other national organizations certify Pie’s waterproofing experts. In addition, Pie is involved with manufacturers and industry organizations that provide the latest research related to waterproofing issues.

“Pie has been a trusted partner for many years and we look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with such a professional and high-class organization into the future.”

— Nick Williams – Absolute Caulking and Waterproofing, Inc.

Absolute Caulking and Waterproofing, Inc.